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Latest News about JOB TRAINER

12th September 2020

There have been many meetings in several states in the past few months. However no further public announcements regarding the actual JobTrainer courses are yet available.  International Horse College has 15 courses on scope (with thousands of variations of courses) available for developing skills within the equine industry. We plan to offer available courses for the horse industry within this JobKeeper initiative.

15th July 2020

The Australian Government has announced its JobTrainer initiative to help hundreds of thousands of Australians access to new skills by retraining and up-skilling them into sectors with job opportunities, as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 crisis.

In this $1 billion initiative, the Australian Government has announced that up to an additional 340,700 training places to help school leavers and job seekers access courses to develop new skills in growth sectors and create a pathway to more qualifications.

Courses will be free or no cost in areas of identified need, with the Federal Government providing $500 million with matched contributions from state and territory governments.

Pre-approved independent Registered Training Organisations such as International Horse College will be able to deliver the programs. The estimated number of training places in Queensland alone will be 68,500 and 340,700 places throughout Australia.

There is an understanding that many jobseekers gaining employment during the economic recovery will secure employment in new fields, so they will require skills for these new jobs. The JobTrainer funding has been designed to meet the training demand for these skills.

Keep reading to find out the types of careers there are in the International Equine Industry, as well as some FREE gifts ... ​​

Your '101 Careers in the Horse Industry' book
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Videos about seven very popular career choices in the International Equine Industry

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Equine Career Choice Video 1: STABLE HAND

Our Happy Students

Hi! I just wanted to say a big thank you for today and let you know that we had loads of fun at the workshop! Megan was an amazing teacher I don’t think I’ve even had a normal school teacher teach like she did, she was so thorough and we learnt so much from her it was really awesome.

Ebony S

Horse Husbandry Assistant graduate

I wanted to have some sort of qualifications in the horse industry as I plan to work with horses in a future career, and thought "Why not start now?" I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to gain a career or more knowledge in the horse industry. So, I would recommend the course for them, to learn some general horse handling tips also.

Emily Johnston

The course is going great so far! I'm really enjoying the content and watching the videos. I haven't been sceptical about enrolling in the course. I feel like it's a good platform for the other courses and I'm glad I decided to do this course first. I have often thought about doing a riding instructors course and I thought the Riding lessons course would be a good place to start. I think the biggest benefit I have received so far is to never forget the smaller details - that there are reasons behind why things are done the way they are and that even small details (whether they be about choosing the right horse or grooming) are very important. I would definitely recommend the courses. I think the course I am currently doing would be an excellent course for anyone who is thinking about buying their first horse or who has started learning to ride and would like to do some 'theory' along with their lessons. Thanks! Regards,

Alyssa K

Equine Career Choice Video 2: HORSE RIDING INSTRUCTOR

International Qualifications

My name's Madeline, an eighteen year old from the UK who moved to Greece at the age of 9. After having a devastating lack of equestrian activity in my area, I gave up hopes of ever having a career in the equestrian industry, when a nearby stables opened up and I began to work there in exchange for lessons. I had two instructors. Noticing that I had stopped attending school at a relatively young age, Irene asked what I wanted to do with my life and offered me the chance to enrol in the Certificate 3 Instructor's course. I accepted, and I'm so glad I did. I had a set work schedule for my practical side of the course and I worked full time, doing general yard duties and eventually teaching regularly under supervision. As for the theory, I studied and completed quizzes whenever I possibly could. I didn't have a set time limit for tasks and this made me comfortable, and I'd like to say even more motivated to study. Glenys and her team show an excellent standard of customer service, and were always there to answer any questions I had, at times even helping me with more personal issues relating to my work. At the end of my course, just as I completed the last few sections, I was offered a teaching job in Scotland. My current employers wanted evidence that I had completed my course, as I had only just finished and certificates are sent after two weeks or so. I cannot say how grateful I am that everyone went completely out of their way to process all of my assessment papers before they were even due to be assessed. I recommend this course to anyone looking to start their career with horses and riding, be it teaching or having your own business. Finding a job was pretty easy with my qualification, and I was offered quite a few. I am so glad I completed this course, and have the opportunities I do today. Life would be very different, had I not enrolled. Thank you, Glenys!

Maddy B

Horse Riding Instructor graduate

Equine Career Choice Video 3: EQUINE ASSISTED LEARNING​

Simple and Easy to Understand

I have enjoyed reading the course content, it is very simple and easy to understand which is how I aim to teach! I was sceptical about enrolling in the course, mainly because I doubted my own self-confidence in sharing my knowledge as an instructor although I know deep down I have the developing skills and knowledge to be a great instructor. It is a mind battle thing and I am positive that I will develop self-confidence throughout this course. I made my final decision to enrol based on your help throughout the enquiry process, I felt as if you went above and beyond to assist me in enrolling in the right course which was suitable to my needs and giving RPL where recognised to help reduce fee costs, so to me it did not feel like a money hungry approach which I really appreciate. I would recommend this course to any one looking to develop their skills within the Equine Industry. Thanks 🙂

Jess LP

Equine Career Choice Video 4: STABLE MANAGER

Very happy... Definitely Recommend

I’m very happy so far with this course. 🙂 I enrolled in this course as after losing my gelding to surgical colic. It was most definitely the hardest thing I’ve done as he was my best friend. It made me want to specifically study in Equine so I could learn more skills about preventing sickness and just being so interested in horses. I wasn't really interested in the other online horse collage sites, as this one caught my eye from the fact its Australian! I love it! If i was talking to someone that was interested in learning in Equine or even my friends if they wanted to go deeper in study i would most definitely recommend this site!

Kirsten B

I am really enjoying the content of the last 2 modules as I work in a produce store so it is very relevant. I am also enjoying learning at my own pace

Kelly E

At first I was unsure about enrolling in this course because I needed to drop another subject to be able to do it during school hours, but I know I made the right decision because this certificate will have more benefit down the road when I get my future jobs. I enrolled because it would help me in the future because it is along the lines of what I want to do. During my course I have received more knowledge about horses and having this opportunity will only help me through out my schooling years. I would recommend this course to people who want to know what to know more about horses or people who want/need to get the Working with Horses qualification to further their career choices.

Amellia M

Working with Horses Graduate

Equine Career Choice Video 5: TRAIL RIDE LEADER

Massive Thank You!

A massive thank you to you and everyone else at International Horse College for helping me so much within this course and teaching me many new things.

Amber S

Horse Husbandry Assistant Graduate

I am really enjoying my course thank you for making it so interesting and easy to learn. Regards

Jayne P


Making My Dream Come True!

I was highly skeptical about making money in the horse industry and it all changed honestly after my e-mail correspondence with you and after reading your book. Honestly talking to you and receiving your plan made my dream to become a show jumper that much more realistic. I will definitely recommend speaking to you to anyone else who is interested in a career with horses. Thank you again,

Rashmin TDS

As soon as I found out about the course through a friend I knew it was for me. The convenience of being able to do it online is awesome for my busy schedule and I would recommend this course to other horse lovers.

Jessica McI

Equine Career Choice Video 7: OWN HORSE BUSINESS

Excellent Course!

Excellent course!. Good information and overview of horse problems. I am understanding a lot better that not all problems are behaviour problems and where to possibly start looking when a horse is displaying certain symptoms. I have learned of health problems I never knew existed. This knowledge will help improve my horse management standard. Thank you Glenys for the time, energy and experience put into this great course, Regards

Elizabeth H

Own Horse Business Graduate

Thank you so much! I am just so excited to start my own business course and theses courses are amazing.

Jaclyn W

Bonus: FREE 101 Careers in the Horse Industry

Easy to Read and Understand

Thank you for asking me how I felt about your "101 ways to make money with horses". I found it to be very easy to read and understand. Some of your ideas I have done in the past, but it also made me think further and beyond, opening up my mind to a lot of possibilities & with the changing world these days and with technology, its making me think of things that could improve horse and riders in the near future to benefit everyone. I have a few friends in mind that may also enjoy your book and also give them ideas

Michele W

I found the book "101 ways to make money with horses" really informative. Some ideas there I had never thought of, and I love that you not only included the job and description, but also what was involved to actually carry it out. Wonderful! Thank you

Laura M

I think the book was easy to read and very informative. I am already involved in this area, and still was amazed at the number of ideas you presented. Great motivational read for people who have not started a business, but have a passion to start one but also have no idea where to start. Thank you

Penny D

Love the magazine - thanks for that - just goes to show the many opportunities that are out there

Carolyn DA

Bonus: Career Planning Session with JobKeeper Update

Helpful and Friendly!

I must say that my favourite thing so far is how helpful and friendly you are! It is wonderful to be able to ask questions and get a response so quickly. I feel "looked after". I was never at all hesitant about enrolling in the course. The price was excellent and the fact that I could take longer or less time to complete the course was great, and that it is all online is wonderful! The videos and power points are brilliant and the idea of a quiz helps to take the pressure off too. There so far isn't anything about this that I don't love. The decision to enrol was based on my new instructor recommending that I do it. I wouldn't have even thought about it otherwise, and would have just spent my time scouring the internet and not learning as much. My instructor recommended this one, as she is going to transfer over to this school too. Also the fact that it is a Centrelink supported course was a big plus. I would recommend this course to anyone working with or owning a horse, or even just anyone who is really interested in horses. Often there is the love of horses but it is not a practical to own your own, and this opens into other avenues that could, say, help a riding school to agree to swap lessons for work around the stables etc. Loving this course,

Laura M

I would like to thank you and your amazing team for ongoing support you have provided to Bailey. You have gone above and beyond.

Antonetta DC

High School Careers/ Pastoral Leader

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