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Continuous Improvement Policies & Procedures

Data collection, analysis and actions

International Horse College collects data on a regular basis in order to inform the processes of:

– Compilation of the organisation’s Quality Indicators
– Improvements to all aspects of training
– Professional development of staff
– Improvements to assessment

Data is collected systematically by:

– National tools for the collection of data for the Quality Indicators
– Interviewing learners regularly
– Obtaining written feedback from learners
– Obtaining written feedback from trainers and assessors
– Obtaining feedback from parents and guardians
– Obtaining feedback from employers following work placements of learners
– Analysis of the root cause of complaints should they occur

The data is analysed for relevance to possible improvements to:

– Assessment items and methodology
– Selection of competencies in qualifications
– Appropriateness of training methods
– The need for staff professional development

Improvements are made to relevant areas of the RTO operations on the basis of the data collected. Records are kept of changes made. These records are reviewed at Internal Audits.