Celebrating Successful Students in Over 20 Countries ‘Online Horse College’ is now ‘International Horse College’

I must say that my favourite thing so far is how helpful and friendly you are! 

It is wonderful to be able to ask questions and get a response so quickly. I feel “looked after”.

I was never at all hesitant about enrolling in the course. The price was excellent and the fact that I could take longer or less time to complete the course was great, and that it is all online is wonderful! 

The videos and power points are brilliant and the idea of a quiz helps to take the pressure off too. There so far isn’t anything about this that I don’t love. 

The decision to enrol was based on my new instructor recommending that I do it. I wouldn’t have even thought about it otherwise, and would have just spent my time scouring the internet and not learning as much. 

My instructor recommended this one, as she is going to transfer over to this school too. Also the fact that it is a Centrelink supported course was a big plus.

I would recommend this course to anyone working with or owning a horse, or even just anyone who is really interested in horses. 

Often there is the love of horses but it is not a practical to own your own, and this opens into other avenues that could, say, help a riding school to agree to swap lessons for work around the stables etc.

Loving this course,