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course2How often do you meet young riders who want to ride in
the Olympics?

I love to encourage anyone who sets themselves high
goals, but I also like to know if people are serious or if
they are just dreaming.

Some of the questions I may ask would be . . . what
year do you plan to compete in your first Olympics?
Tell me about your written step-by-step plan.

Some one who is really serious about competing at
an elite level could include regular visualization into
their daily plan.

In this visualization they would picture their lifestyle,
what time they wake up, how many horses they ride
and compete and what elite level competitions they
would be ride at.

They would have also worked out the finances for
their competitive career and either have a sponsor/
owner or a sound, written business plan.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with dreams,
visualization is a great tool, planning is essential,
but action needs to be taken before a goal starts to
become real.


What action have you taken towards your goals



Glenys  🙂