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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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Gain Recognition of Prior Learning
for Your Previous Experience in the Horse Industry

Gain recognition for your equine skills
and knowledge by using the RPL process
while the price is still within reach!

Steps To Achieve Recognition of Prior Learning

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  1. Choose your course that you would like to receive RPL from.
  2. Choose your individual unit within each course that you would like to achieve RPL from. Each unit has a code, and you will need this for the next step.
  3. Visit https://training.gov.au/Home/Tga and choose the code of your unit.
  4. Then choose your documentation which could include previous qualifications, photos, videos, references etc that shows your previous experience and/ or qualifications to match each of the following from the unit.
    1. Elements
    2. Performance Criteria
    3. Foundation Skills
    4. Performance Evidence
    5. Knowledge Evidence
    6. Conditions
    7. Any further information that is required to show competency in that individual unit.
  5. Map/ match each of the above to your evidence.
  6. Contact us about your application and the best way to send it. We usually required this application to be sent through a secure online link.
  7. Pay the RPL fee.
  8. Send the application.
  9. It could take 2 – 4 weeks for each individual unit to be assessed, sometimes longer depending on the RPL assessor for that unit’s current work load.
  10. If the RPL process goes over ten weeks, please contact us for an update.

Our Happy Students

“As a horse lover, owner/rider and pony club instructor I have been using the online course Cert II in Business (Working with Horses) for the last two years with 3 high school students. I have found the course interesting and engaging and all three girls have completed the course and gained their accreditation. Personally I enjoy getting the emails that Glenys sends out as they always contain so much good down to earth information and always on varying topics. The content has never failed to resonate with my own years of experience and personal feelings for the horse. I keep them all in a special file and revisit when I want a boost. Well done Glenys and the team.”

Pam Shipman
Moura High School, Queensland

“The course is fun, educational and assists in broadening my knowledge of the equine world.”

Lisa H

“Materials have been relevant (to my career with horses) and interesting.”

Amanda E


“Very useful information. Pictures very appropriate.”

Belinda S

“This course gives me a systematic knowledge of horse industry”

Wang L