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Funded Study – Horse Husbandry Professional

AHC32816 Certificate III in Rural Operations – Equine
(Australian Qualifications)

Certificate 3 Guarentee (C3G)

Subsidised by Qld State Government

New course version coming January 2023!


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Horse Husbandry Professional

AHC32816 Certificate III in Rural Operations – Equine

(Subsidised by the Queensland State Government – Certificate 3 Guarantee – C3G funding)


Queensland students who do not currently hold or are not currently
studying a certificate 3 or higher.


Course Summary

Would you like to work in the horse industry, further your skills and knowledge and gain an Australian Qualification?

This Horse Husbandry Professional Course is subsidised by the Queensland Government under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Funding and is perfect if you have completed year 12 in the past twelve months or have not completed a certificate III and would like to get a head start towards a career in the horse industry.

You can take more responsibility for your working environment within the horse industry and use innovation to improve safety and efficiency with your horse related tasks.

What Units of Competency are Included?

Some of the unit/s of competency within this qualification have been superseded as of February 2022.  In light of these changes we will be releasing a new version of this course in January 2023.  This is great news and ensures our students are kept up to date with current industry knowledge and training.  Details of the new course will be released soon.
In your Horse Husbandry Assistant course (AHC32816 Certificate III in Rural Operations), the following units of competency are included:
Core (2)
  • AHCWHS301 Contribute to work health and safety processes
  • AHCWRK309 Apply environmentally sustainable work practices
Specified Electives (6)
  • ACMGAS301 Monitor and maintain animal health and wellbeing
  • ACMHBR310 Prevent and treat equine injury and disease
  • AHCLSK314 Prepare animals for parturition
  • AHCLSK316 Prepare livestock for competition
  • AHCLSK331 Comply with industry animal welfare requirements
  • AHCWRK310 Provide on-job training support

Chosen Electives (choose either foundation or standard electives)

Foundation Electives (8)

  • ACMEQU201 Work safely in industries with horses
  • ACMEQU202 Handle horses safely
  • ACMEQU203 Provide basic care of horses
  • ACMEQU204 Perform daily tasks in the horse industry
  • ACMEQU205 Apply knowledge of horse behaviour
  • ACMGAS202 Participate in workplace communications
  • ACMEQU210 Lunge educated horses
  • AHCMER301 Process customer complaints

Standard Electives (Choose 8)

  • ACMEQU210 Lunge educated horses (Prerequisites ACMEQU205 & ACMEQU202)
  • ACMEQU205 Apply knowledge of horse behaviour
  • ACMEQU202 Handle horses safely
  • AHCMER301 Process customer complaints
  • BSBOPS201 Work effectively in business environments
  • BSBPEF202 Plan and apply time management
  • BSBPEF301 Organise personal work priorities
  • HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety
  • SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict
  • BSBOPS403 Apply business risk management processes

How Long Will My Course Take?

This course for your Horse Husbandry Professional qualifications has been designed for study, over 52 weeks (58 weeks including holidays).

However, it could take less time if you already have previous knowledge and experience with horses.

You can study your course at any time as long as you have your laptop/computer and internet access.

Where and how will my course be delivered?

Theory assessments are completed online by students and results are submitted through the Student Portal.

The Practical and Third Party Report components within the course are to be assessed at one of our state wide workshops with our qualified assessors.

Workshops are held on weekends and during school holidays where possible so a student’s school attendance is not impacted. We have qualified assessors in different locations throughout Queensland.

Who will assess my Practical & Third Party Report Assessments?

There is a Practical component to the course that is mandatory and must be completed at one of our state wide workshops with our qualified assessors. These workshops are held on weekends and during school holidays so as not to interfere with the students’ school week. We have a travelling assessor who travels throughout Queensland to run some workshops and qualified assessors in different locations throughout Queensland.

Notification of workshop locations and dates are issued regularly by email from Student Support.

Practical and Third Party assessments within the course require an average of four to five days at Practical Workshops (for the duration of the course) to complete all components. All theory in a unit must be complete prior to attending a workshop for the assessment of the Practical and Third Party Reports.


Will I be Accepted into this Course?

Are you eligible:

  • Australian or New Zealand Citizen
  • Queensland Resident
  • Have not completed a certificate 3 or higher in their education unless through school
  • Are not currently enrolled in a certificate 3 or higher
  • Over the age of 16 years
  • Are no longer at school

What do I need to supply for my course?

Resources required:

  • A computer with internet access
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Printer and scanner
  • Ability to travel to, and attend workshops for your practical assessments

What further study opportunities are available on completion of my course?

When you have completed the ‘Horse Husbandry Professional’ course, you can enrol in our ‘Equestrian Horse Riding Instructor’ or ‘Equestrian Business Managment’ courses.

Your Horse Husbandry Professional course meets the entry requirement for higher level certificates to advance your equine career pathway and goals to gain employment.

The ‘Horse Husbandry Professional’ qualification is recognized as a professional horse industry qualification. Some of this course can also be credited towards further courses of study.

Why should I study at International Horse College?

  • Flexible online courses
  • Equine career pathway
  • Approachable, friendly staff
  • Australian qualifications
  • Current industry standard course content

Enrol in the Horse Husbandry Professional course NOW…

Course Costs


  • Co-contribution of $10 (for students who completed Yr 12 last year)
  • Co-contribution of $50 (for students who hold a Centrelink concession card & are no longer in school)
  • Co-contribution of $100 (for students who do not have a Centrelink concession card & are no longer in school) For more information on the course please go to the following

What you Receive With This Enrolment-

  • Complete online course through your dedicated Student Portal
  • Student support throughout your course
  • Free Practical training and assessment workshops to complete your practicals

Year 12 Graduates

Single Payment of $10


Concession Card Holders

Single Payment of $50


Non – Concession Card Holders

Single Payment of $100



Our Happy Students

“As a horse lover, owner/rider and pony club instructor I have been using the online course Cert II in Business (Working with Horses) for the last two years with 3 high school students. I have found the course interesting and engaging and all three girls have completed the course and gained their accreditation. Personally I enjoy getting the emails that Glenys sends out as they always contain so much good down to earth information and always on varying topics. The content has never failed to resonate with my own years of experience and personal feelings for the horse. I keep them all in a special file and revisit when I want a boost. Well done Glenys and the team.”

Pam Shipman
Moura High School, Queensland

“The course is fun, educational and assists in broadening my knowledge of the equine world.”

Lisa H

“Materials have been relevant (to my career with horses) and interesting.”

Amanda E

“Very useful information. Pictures very appropriate.”

Belinda S

“This course gives me a systematic knowledge of horse industry”

Wang L