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Records Management Policies & Procedures

Accuracy of Records

Course Co-ordinators maintain accurate and current records of each student’s progress towards and achievement of competencies. These records are recorded online and are regularly checked for accuracy.

When the student nears achievement of sufficient competencies for award of the full qualification, the Course Co-ordinator checks student achievements against the qualification packaging rules. When the student has achieved the requirements for completion of the qualification, it checked again for accuracy.

It is then recorded in the Graduation Records and the students are given the appropriate award


Transition and teach-out

In January and July each year, the program manager will review all currently registered courses within the scope of International Horse College on Training.gov.au. If any of the courses have been replaced with a new course;

– A review of the requirements to smoothly transitioned to the new training package is undertaken

– All students are individually considered so they are not disadvantaged when transitioning into the new training package

– Where possible, students in existing/expiring courses/qualifications will be “transitioned” to the new versions of those qualifications.

– Students transitioning into new qualifications will be given a Statement of Attainment for the units completed from the old course. Then students are given credit (where appropriate) into the new course for units previously completed

– No new students will be enrolled in the expiring qualification after 12 months from the publication date of the new training package.

– A one year “teach out” for expiring qualifications is available for continuing students.

– Generally, the next cohort of students enrolling in the qualification after the Training package publication date will enrol in the new Training Package qualifications, but if International Horse College deems it suitable, current students may be transitioned over to the new Training Package earlier.

– Plans will be reviewed for the transition to new or revised Training Package in accordance with the regulatory authorities. The transition to the new Training Package must be completed within 12 months.


Security of records

Paper based records are kept in a secure room and in lockable filing cabinets.

We keep all these records for at least seven (7) years as per the RTO Standards.


Security of GCIT Cards

GCIT Cards are kept in a secure room and in a lockable filing cabinet.

The GCIT Cards can only be accessed by the Director or Office Manager.

The tracking register for GCIT Cards is kept in the secure filing cabinet and all cards are tracked when they are received or removed.

When GCIT Cards are received or removed, the Director or Office Manager records all details in the tracking register and signs as confirmation.


Student access to records

Students have online access to their records within their Training Plan. These records are regularly updated by the Course Co-ordinators.