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Did you have a favourite horse book when you were young? I know I did!

Now this is back in the days before internet and before google, where the only things to read were school books, the daily newspaper (which was full of boring adult stuff) and books.

Real hard cover books! 

Anyway, the only books I wanted to read were books about horses and I was lucky enough to be given the book ‘Black Beauty’.

This book is about a very special horse named Black Beauty and it was written from the horse’s point of view, seen through Black Beauty’s eyes with understanding showing how he feels about the world around him.

Black Beauty starts his life in a beautiful meadow with his mother and other horses. He learns important lessons about life and kindness from his mother and the older horses. But then, he is sold to different owners, and his life changes.

Some owners are really nice and treat Black Beauty with love and care. They make sure he has plenty of food, water, and a comfortable place to sleep. They also take him for gentle rides and make sure he is happy. Black Beauty loves these owners and becomes their loyal and trusted companion.

However, not all owners in Black Beauty’s life are kind and there were many time that I cried when I read this book, even on what was probably the 100th time I read it.

These owners didn’t understand how to take care of a horse properly. They worked Black Beauty too hard, kept him in a small and dirty place, and even hurt him. These parts of the story may make readers sad, but they also teach us the importance of treating animals with empathy and respect.

Black Beauty meets other horses along the way, like Ginger, a high-strung chestnut mare, and Merrylegs, a playful grey pony. They share their stories with Black Beauty and show us that horses have feelings and experiences, just like us.

Then as the book comes to an end, Black Beauty is lucky to find a loving owner who recognizes his worth. He spends his remaining years with this kind person and finally gets to enjoy a peaceful and happy life. 

This book “Black Beauty” is a very special book because it teaches us about the importance of being kind and caring towards horses. It reminds us that horses have feelings and deserve to be treated well. The story also shows us that even in difficult times, Black Beauty reflects the character he was as a young horse.

So, if you love animals and want to learn about them, “Black Beauty” is the perfect book for you. It will make you smile, it might make you cry a little, but most importantly, it will make you think about how we can all make the world a better place for horses.

Download a free copy of this wonderful eBook below.