Celebrating Successful Students in Over 20 Countries ‘Online Horse College’ is now ‘International Horse College’


International Horse College (Ausintec Academy) was born out of a need to improve safety in the horse industry while
considering the welfare of horses.


People Safety and Horse Welfare


To improve the welfare of horses around the world through the safe education of their riders, handlers and trainers.


To have a world where people safely appreciate, respect and enjoy their horses and the horses appreciate, respect and enjoy their people.


Horse Welfare and Safety are of utmost importance when humans have any interaction with horses.

Within our courses, we only utilize methods that promote safe and humane methods of interaction between horses and humans.

We only support safe methods of educating riders, handlers and trainers.


Ausintec/ Caboolture Equestrian Centre became a Registered Training Organisation in 2001
and for many years was a regular home and training centre to International and Australian students.

In 2008 Ausintec Academy (Study Horses, Online Horse College & International Horse College) went online and was able to educate many more students at a much more affordable price.

However the Motto, the Mission, Vision and Values didn’t change and they continue today.