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Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Scholarship Terms and Conditions for Equestrian Coaching Diploma
(Also including Introductory Coaching Diploma, Foundation Coaching Diploma and Equine Sports Diploma)

These are the terms and conditions for the scholarship offer made during June 2022, advertised on this page


 1. All other terms and conditions for accredited courses delivered by International Horse College apply except where stated below.

2. All other policies and procedures for accredited courses delivered by International Horse College apply except where stated below.

3. The scholarship has three course options and students should choose their course at the commencement of their scholarship at the time of enrolment. The courses are

     a)  Equestrian Coaching Diploma
          – SIS50321 Diploma of Sport (Equestrian Coaching)

     b)  Introductory Coaching Diploma
          – SIS50321 Dlploma of Sport (Coaching)

     c)  Equine Sports Diploma
          – SIS50321 Diploma of Sport

4.  One of the above courses is to be selected when the Enrolment Form is completed.

5.  While we try to be flexible to fit in with students needs, we have the right to refuse to change the stream of the scholarship if you would like it changed after you have sent in your Enrolment Form and applied for the scholarship.

6.  Scholarship applications will be selected from correctly completed enrolment forms and will be at the sole and absolute discretion of International Horse College. 

7. Successful applications will be placed onto a short list for the ‘Equestrian Coaching Diploma’ scholarship.

8. Short listed applications will enrolled into a ‘Foundation Course’ which should be completed by Sunday 31st July 2022. The units in the foundation course will not reported as accredited training. However if you are accepted into the full scholarship, all the completed assessments from the foundation course are transferred into the full scholarship course and will contribute towards the requirements of the accredited training.

9.  Practical assessments for the foundation course can be assessed either by video or be attending a live-in workshop at Caboolture, Qld from 24th to 29th July 2022 (this date may change).

10. Before you are accepted into the full scholarship course (which includes the practical assessments), all the co-requisites should have been completed. If the co-requisites required by Equestrian Australia have not yet been completed, you may (at our discretion) be offered enrolment into the Equine Sports Diploma as a full scholarship student. 

11. Before you are accepted into the full scholarship course, one of our staff will work out a plan to complete your practical coaching assessments with you. At this stage, your Coach Educators should be nominated, accepted and dates with them confirmed. Up to the sum of $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars) will be paid for training and reports issued by Equestrian Australia Coach Educators to confirm equestrian coaching competence at the required level. Alternatively you may attend live-in training at Caboolture Queensland to complete the requirements of your course.

12. Practical coaching workshops completed at Caboolture Qld during August and September include accommodation. Students can choose to complete practical coaching training and assessments during August and September instead of organising private sessions with their local Coach Educators.

13. All assessments should be submitted by Sunday 25th September 2022. 

14. At the sole discretion of International Horse College, alternate pathways may be offered to complete the qualification if unforseen circumstances occur. 

15. Enrolment Form to be completed can be found here.