Here are seven ways to increase your confidence and safety while riding horses. Each of the tips gives you more valuable information which you can read again and again.
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If you don’t seem to be as motivated as you once were, or have simply lost confidence then here are seven quick tips to get you going again

  1. Only ride nice horsesBe easy on yourself. If you are not looking forward to riding, it may be because your horse is not the right one for you.
  2. Know your horse on the ground firstConfirm that your horse can go forward, backwards and sideways, canter on the correct lead and pop over a jump. Horses should have a basic understanding of these requirements before you ask them when you are riding
  3. Set GoalsSetting riding goals and realising exactly what is possible might just give you the motivation to ride
  4. Mindset & visualiseOnce you have set your goal, visualise it. Don’t just visualise it once, visualise it every chance you get. When you first wake up, every time you have a quiet moment during the day and before you go to bed. The more your mind accepts that it will happen, the sooner it will.
  5. Take Little Steps &Ride More OftenDo something towards your goal every day. Just one tiny little step towards that goal is ok, as long as you are progressing forward.
  6. Accountability partner Regular instructionChoose the right accountability partner. You need some-one that will hold you accountable for taking those small steps, but not one who will bully you into an unsafe situation. An understanding riding instructor is perfect.
  7. Surround yourself with mentorsKeep yourself in an atmosphere of learning. Listen to podcasts (‘Horse Chats’ of course), read books and watch videos. Everyone is going to have different opinion, but you will then have the information to make the right choices for you.

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Happy Riding,


Glenys 🙂