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I am often asked what an owner should do to grow their horse business. While the priorities for each individual horse business will vary, this is a checklist to make sure you are active in these areas

  1. Know where you are going
    The owner, manager or president should have a clear and compelling written vision of what their horse business will look like in 2, 5 and 10 years.
  2. This vision should be broken down into smaller written goals working towards that vision for 3 month, 6 month and 12 months ahead working towards the vision.
  3. There should be concrete 30 day action plans working towards the short term 3 month goal.
  4. Take action
    The owner, manager or president should plan their day before they start.
  5. The most important tasks of the day should be done first.
  6. On every part of your business, the owner, manager or president should spend most of their day doing the tasks they perform better than anyone else, delegating the rest.
  7. The owner, manager or president should have a daily focus on sales and marketing, making this a high priority.
  8. Every member of the business or club committee should share the vision and be working as a team towards the same outcomes.
  9. The owner, manager or president should have a sound up to date knowledge of their particular field of equine business as well as a knowledge of their similarities and differencesof their major competitors.
  10. The owner, manager or president should be continually improving their business skills including sales and marketing.
  11. If one part of their business isn’t profitable, they will be prepared to it if doesn’t work, they will be prepared to continue to try until something works.
  12. They are confident and strong, regardless of competition as well as business skills and be constantly improving them.
  13. Forms and procedures.
  14. Exit plan – Switch off from work and truly relax, when their work day is done.
  15. Spend at least 1 hour each week studying their industry, competition and business skills.
  16. Keep their work environment neat and organized.
  17. Act with urgency, trying lots of stuff until they find a way that works.
  18. Keep their personal confidence strong, regardless of current circumstances