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equine-business-ownersBeing a good teacher or a good trainer is not just about doing things ‘by the book’.

Going in to teach a lesson armed with a lesson plan, or preparing for a competition with constant referral to a training plan can stop you from seeing what is really in front of you.

Watch for other signals . . . strong resistance, obvious boredom and uncontrollable energy (from either horse or rider) . . . these are all signs that the teaching/ training plan must be adapted to suit the situation. Remember that every horse and every student is an individual and must be trained accordingly!

Of course good teachers and trainers will have a thorough knowledge of the theory of teaching and training both riders and horses, but they will also have enough knowledge and experience to know when to adapt their plan and will have a number of ways to make those changes.

Good teachers and trainers are also open to new ideas and continue to learn and develop their horsemanship and associated skills.

If you are not yet a good teacher or trainer, then open you eyes, ears and most of all . . . you mind!

Remember to live your passion,
Glenys 🙂