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Better Horse or Better RiderImagine this .  .  . you are out on a ride with some new friends and you are really enjoying your ride. They are all more experienced with horses than you, and you think you can learn a lot from them. You are happy they are including you in their ride and hope you will be invited again.

As you ride, they show you a few new places to ride including a lovely sandy track where you can all ride along in pairs. Then there is a creek across the track and their horses all happily walk through, splashing and playing.

You look in horror! Your horse hates water!
What runs through your mind?

Or what about this scenario . . . you are at a dressage competition that you know you should do well at. Your horse has either had a win or a place each time you have attended competitions at these groundsin the past.

You find out that a National level judge has been invited and everyone is very excited to have him at this event. As you ride your dressage test, your horse goes well and you are pleased with him.

Then you look at the scores and you realize you are almost in last place! You pick up your dressage test and check the scores to find them correct!

You haveone of the lowest scores in your class!

What runs through your mind?

If your first thought in either of the above situations is to look for another horse, you are reflecting your attitude and level of knowledge.

On the other hand, if you are grateful that you are out riding with an experienced group of riders when you have a problem or grateful that you have the input of such an experienced, educated judge who can help you improve then this is also a reflection your attitude and level of knowledge.

Why don’t you listen to others to find out more about their attitude and level of knowledge? However, be careful about the conversation you have with them.  The conversation you have with yourself is just as important.

When you hear someone wish for a better horse, is it because they need to be a better rider?