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As a Coach Educator, when I am training horse riding instructors I like to encourage them to use positives (look up) as opposed to double negatives (don’t look down). This teaches students what to do, not what not to do

There are many qualities that make a good horse riding instructor, but there is yet to be a perfect one that is perfect for every student in every situation.  If you have a great instructor who uses double negatives regularly then a technique that is commonly adopted by many non-English speaking background students may come in handy.

When they hear a word, it is ‘filtered’ and translated into their native tongue before they react. Initially their reaction time is a little slow but as they pick up the new word/s and they become familiar with the word/s their reaction time quickens

So the next time your horse riding instructor gives you a double negative command, transfer it to a positive and focus on that. This is usually words, images, or feeling and may even be smell or taste, depending on your senses.

To practice this skill, listen to the language people use. Every time you hear a double negative, simply ‘filter’ it into a positive.

I know when I use this technique it gives a lift to my day

Enjoy your horse with passion,