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When Goals Change

At the beginning of each year, we often set goals for the coming year. The number of times each week we are going to ride, how we are going to save up for a new saddle or focus on our competition schedule for the year.

We often talk about SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-lined), and also about the steps towards achieving your goals (define what you want, know what you have, plan how you are going to get there and take action at least every day towards achieving your goals).

Then it rains, going out with friends becomes a higher priority than the new saddle and the nominations closebefore you put in your entries.

Goals were never meant to be set in stone!

They should be flexible, reflect your values, your dreams and your aspirations.

Don’t be one of the majority of the population who has broken their New Years Resolution within the first week. Change them!

Sometimes long-term goals can remain the same and short-term goals change.  Even the time-lines can be changed if your goals are not achieved within the set time. Sometimes one goal can be substituted for a more realistic achievement.

Enjoy your goals, particularly your horse related ones and let them shape your future!