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Do you enjoy early morning rides with your friends?

Then on the day you wake up and realize that your alarm clock didn’t go off and you are now running quite late for your ride?

Did you go into a panic, trying to get everything done as fast as you can?  Throwing things around, speaking fast or yelling only to forget where you put your boots or keys and then arrive late and blame it on your alarm clock?

How does your horse react when you are like this?  Do they get upset refusing to co-operate and generally behaving out of character?

Or do you focus on working efficiently?

Do you ask yourself what absolutely has to be done to be ready on time? Do you plan each move ahead so you know where everything is minutes before you need them?  Do you focus on your breathing so your thoughts remain calm?

When you approach your horse do you continue to work efficiently? Do you focus, planahead and work quietly and calmly when you are grooming and saddling?

We all know that goal setting and visualization has such positive affects on equestrian competition results and equine business profits but do you also meditate?

Scientists have proven that regular mediating increases the ability to

–          remain calm under pressure

–          keep your short-term memory intact (so that you remember where your boots and keys are ) and

–          increase empathy (creating a deeper understanding of how your horse thinks).

Maybe you think you don’t meditate, but know you behave like the second scenario? There is a good possibility that you have another similar technique you use.

Remember to enjoy something you are passionate about every day

Happy Riding,


Glenys  🙂