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If you are interested in learning more about horses, have you been listening to the Equine Industry Experts on Horse Chats?

Dr Andrew McLean discusses ten training principles for interactions with horses, based on his research and standing as non-negotiable obligations for trainers to maintain optimal welfare and optimal training efficiency in trained horses.

Or his brother Jonna McLean giving a series on training foals from initial handling through to leading, loaning and stress free weaning . . . keep listening as he continues the series through to riding and training the competition horse.

If you would like stories with a difference, learn how David Simons left school to work on a cattle station where he rode up to 12-14 hours a day, breaking in seven-year old horses and some of his cattle mustering adventures.

Learn about running an equine business, with top marketing tips from Sophie Barrington, Equine Nutritionists and Equine Healers, lessons from a stunt rider who rode in the Lord of the Rings, champion barrel racers, Olympians, World Champions Competitors and some of the world’s greatest equine scientists giving insights into their ground-breaking research

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