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horse-business-ideasHave you ever taken one of your beginner students or a young horse to a small unofficial club day so they can gain experience?

Did they go out and build their confidence, learn a lot and totally enjoy their experience?

What about the judges?  Did they judge every class correctly and fairly, following ring etiquette and competition rules while acting like experienced polished professionals?

No? Were they inconsistent with their scoring, unfamiliar with the rules or totally unprofessional?

Remember that beginner judges need the small unofficial days as well.  They need them to gain confidence, learn a lot and enjoy their experience.

Many talented people stop judging because they have been abused and treated unfairly by competitors and their supporters.  Judges and officials are an essential part of equestrian sport and without them, there will be no competitions.

The next time you disagree with a judge about a decision they have made, put yourself in their shoes.  If it is because they simply need to gain experience and just need some kind guidance in the right direction?

Remember that small unofficial club days are great training grounds for riders, horses, officials and judges

Happy Riding,


Glenys 🙂