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What type of horse does it take to make you happy? What has to happen to make you feel grateful for your horse?

Second Horse
To some one who learnt to ride on their first horse, happiness can be a younger, more energetic horse.

To the teenager who has fast growing legs, happiness is a taller horse.

Retired Stockman
The old stockman who has spent many long days in the saddle when he was younger, happiness could be riding his favorite horse who has grown old with him.

To some competitive riders, happiness could be a horse that was prettier, less resistant, straighter moving, had more collection, was more athletic, was a more accurate jumper or else was a faster, bolder horse.


While many people are searching for that special horse that will make them happy, there are many young girls (and boys) who just dream of having a pony, any pony . . .

Sometimes we need to think about what we really need to make us happy against what we think we want to make us happy.

You May Already Have What You Are Looking For

What are you really looking for?
Do you have a horse now that is sufficient to create that magical connection between horses and humans? Are you clear on what else it is you are looking for?

Some riders who are always looking for that next horse or better horse might find a lot of the things they are looking for in the horse they already have.

These riders may recognize this if they were more particular on horse presentation, or more focused on the basics, and spent more time building up their horse’s athletic ability and confidence as well as their horse’s fitness.

Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with being competitive and striving to get to the top… if we remember to enjoy the journey and be grateful for our horse.

Happy people are not those who get the horses they want, happy people are those who are grateful for the horses they get.