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Rescue HorseWhat does the term ‘Rescue Horse’ really mean?

I always thought it was a horse that had been surrendered to the RSPCA and some-one had been charged with neglect or cruelty.

I had thought that the term ‘Rescue Horse’ meant the horse had been given away to some-one who could give it the care that was required.

However more recently it seems to be increasingly popular to have a ‘rescue’ horse.

I have heard people talk about a ‘rescue’ that they had bought from a sale yard or even through a private sale.

When I ask what they were ‘rescued’ from, their answer varies.

What is a ‘rescue’ horse?

What does this definition mean?

Where are the guidelines?


Please let me know what your experiences have been and if you have rescued a horse (or know someone who has), what it was rescued from.