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Would you recognise when your horse is uncomfortable or not happy and is about to use his natural instincts to fix the situation? He may be a lovely quiet horse, but unless you recognise some simple cues and horse body language then you may not be as safe as you think.

The good news is that once you understand these signals then building lost confidence and doing it safely is as simple as A, B, C

A is for Attitude

Having the right attitude is essential and the use of visualization and other NLP techniques is a great benefit if you need to gain your confidence (more about that in another article)

B is for Balance

Before you can control your horse, your balance needs to be developed so you can use your aids to your best ability with out interfering with your horse. After all, it is hard to progress onto control if you have lost your balance and are sitting on the ground!

C is for Control

Once you are in complete control of your horse then riding is a wonderful sport! Dreams are made from galloping along with the wind in your hair, splashing through water and then riding up the hill the other side.

Accomplished horse people have established these A, B C’s. They may intuitively know the steps to get there, but the real experts are the teachers who have taught these steps again and again.

These equine experts will have developed a system for safely teaching confidence to beginner riders, timid riders and for those who (for a variety of reasons) have lost their confidence

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