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Social Licensing and Horse-Friendly Solutions


Dr. Roly Owers from the ‘World Horse Organisation’ and Jonna McLean from ‘Train to Win’ (and also a frequent guest on Horse Chats) have both had very similar points of view on the subjects of ‘Social Licensing’ and ‘Horse Friendly Solutions’ on episodes of the podcast Horse Chats.

Interestingly, even though they reside in opposite sides of the world, these two world-renowned experts have messages that all horse people should ponder on.

  1. Jonna Mclean’s Horse-Friendly Approach: Jonna excels in horse-friendly solutions, always prioritizing the horse’s well-being.

His training methods are rooted in understanding the horse’s perspective and progressing logically to ensure the horse’s comfort and success.

  1. Roly’s Emphasis on Social Licensing: On the other hand, Dr. Roly Owers emphasizes social licensing, delving into the public’s perception of horse welfare and the horse-human relationship.

This goes beyond just working with the horse—it’s about ensuring that the public views horses positively.

Many around the world believe that horses are being exploited—ridden and used for various purposes without considering their happiness and well-being. To continue enjoying and working with horses, it’s crucial to address these concerns and improve the public’s perception.

  • Focus on the Positive: Australia has a rich history of thoroughbred horses, excelling in events like the three-day event and show jumping.

However, negative incidents, like the mistreatment of racehorses after retirement, can cause public outrage and legislative changes.

It’s essential to remember that negative stories can spread faster than positive ones.

  • Beware of Negative Content: Sharing content showing poor horse treatment, a tongue over the bit, misuse of the whip, or blood, can reinforce negative perceptions.

It’s important to be mindful of what we share and how we portray our horse interactions to the public.

Even when interacting with your horse in public, be open and friendly, explaining your actions to those interested.

  • The Significance of Social Licensing: Social licensing and public perception are significant aspects of the horse industry.

Our focus on horse welfare and responsible horse ownership should extend beyond personal circles.

  • Listening to Experts: Listen to experts like Jonna McLean and Dr. Roly Owers to gain insights into creating a positive and horse-friendly environment. Let’s collectively work towards a better future for the horse industry.

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How can we collectively improve public perception and promote horse-friendly solutions in the horse industry?

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