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Stable Manager – Careers in the Horse Industry



Also called Head Lad, Head Girl, Foreman, and Assistant Trainer.

Do you have extensive experience caring for a number of horses in a variety of areas?

You may have worked in a large competition stable and assisted with the show preparation or a stud and working with the mares during the breeding season and handling foals. You will have learned when to use First Aid for horses and when to call the Vet.  You may need to know how to interact with and manage other staff who support you and be responsible for caring for and maintaining some expensive equipment as well as finances, marketing, registrations, and legal matters.

Taking sole care of a large group of horses takes a great deal of responsibility, so prepare well, and be ready for the challenge so you can be proud of your accomplishment!

But done stop there! Keep learning and gaining more experience in the International Horse Industry!

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For more information on this course go to: https://www.internationalhorsecollege.com/horse-stable-manager/

When you have completed the ‘Horse Stable Manager’ course, talk to us about your career goals within the horse industry. You may wish to enrol in our ‘Horse Riding Instructor’, ‘Specialised Horseriding Instructor’ or ‘Equine Business Manager’ courses.

Horse Riding Instructor: https://www.internationalhorsecollege.com/equestrian-horseriding-instructor/

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You may gain credit from the ‘Horse Stable Manager’ course in one of our other courses.


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