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Settling Competition NervesIn a highly competitive environment, it is easy to become very critical of others

  • “How could THAT horse win, didn’t the judges see that all the changes to the left were late behind”
  • “She couldn’t sit to the trot to save herself”
  • “Who owns that umbrella? It is scaring my horse!”

Instead, we would remain in a far happier state of mind if we were more appreciative of other horse/ rider combinations

“I liked the way he rode when he corrected that resistance/ evasion”

“Every time I have seen that combination they have continued to improve”

“Wow it is raining, what a great opportunity to expose my horse to wet conditions”

If you tend to get tense and nervous at competitions, try using these strategies

  • Remember that people have different reasons for riding at the competition and every-one was a beginner once
  • Use competitions as part of your horses training, and take advantage of exposing him to different situations.
  • If you start to feel tense, look around you for things to appreciate and be grateful

Above all, remember that you compete because you enjoy it!


Glenys 🙂