Celebrating Successful Students in Over 20 Countries ‘Online Horse College’ is now ‘International Horse College’

Student Profile

Leah Butler

Course of Study: Trail Ride Leader

What inspired you to study this course?

I’d love to open my own trail guide business one day and International Horse College had what I was looking for.

What do you do with your horse?

Nothing spectacular! Just enjoy riding and being in the moment, like many horse owners. I have 3 green horses so I do what I can to expose them whether it be the local show, horse sporting association, trail/town ride or beach ride. I’m currently learning barefoot trimming and learning how to trim my own horses as well as a couple clients for my barefoot trimmer, Dan Smith.

If you were a millionaire, what dream plan do you have for you and your horse?

Oh man I’d get them as many massages they needed, create a paddock paradise system with a laneway of rocks and crusher dust, replant my entire setaria paddocks for Rhodes and bluegrass, a solar powered fan in the stall for summer months, a decent area to exercise them, a float with good padding. The list is endless! But it boils down to making them as comfortable and happy as they can be.

What did you enjoy about your study with International Horse College?

Meeting new friends and the teachers. The teachers were all super helpful, patient and supportive. I was originally doing the Cert III in Equestrian Horseriding Instructor on the last few days of my last workshop but my teachers really saw how much I struggled with the technical side of things and offered me to change to their new course which is Trail Guide Leader and helped me finish it within 2 days. I cannot express how grateful I am for the teachers working hard to move my work over and participating in my practical assessments. They went above and beyond.

What is in the future for you in the equine industry?

In the near future it seems barefoot trimming for the Northern Rivers, but I still have my dream in the far future of opening my own trail ride business. I’d probably put my imaginary million dollars into it.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing a course with International Horse College?

They will not find a better course with such lovely teachers. Like I said, very helpful, patient and kind. Horses are all suitable and well behaved. Whilst on campus for practical work you are not suited with just one horse but ride and care for a variety which I thought was awesome and showed capabilities of each student. They’ve also expanded their course so people from other countries can participate which I think is absolutely spectacular! The theory on the portal provides with great links and documents for learning as well as being online the portal has been very easy to manoeuvre through the course. They also offer a variety of courses suited to individual needs. The student dorms are comfortable as well as airconditioned for warm days which as you could imagine was a huge bonus. I previously studied with TAFE on their equine course but it was not feasible and so I switched. I always recommend International Horse College when given the opportunity.