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200357269-001When you meet someone who has had no experience with horses, do they ask you “Is it simple to ride a horse?”

I usually reply that it is simple, but not easy!

Simple means that there is a step-by-step process to learn the A, B, C’’s (Attitude, Balance, Control) to minimize the risk and to maximize the effort.

But if you think it is easy, then no!

If you want to ride horses then you should have the right

–       attitude to challenge yourself both mentally and physically often further than you have ever done before

–       balance to stay on top of a moving, living animal that can go right, left, forward, backward, up and down in a split second with no warning

–       control to move this animal by a light touch to your wishes, often against their own wishes and instincts

There are lots of things that are simple, but not easy . . .

. . . like becoming a horse-riding instructor or starting an equine business. 

Any-one can follow the simple step-by-step process.  But then you must continue to take action often, be persistent and constantly move in the direction of your dreams!

What action step/s have you taken today to move in the direction of your dreams?


Happy Riding,


Glenys  🙂