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What is a Fallacy and Just Wrong?

Today, I’d like to address a persistent fallacy within the horse industry, a topic brought to light by Tanja Mitton during a recent podcast featured on HorseChats.

I’m Glenys Cox, speaking to you from both Horse Chats and International Horse College.

Tanja’s emphatic statement that this fallacy is “just wrong” struck a chord with me. It reminded me of misguided advice I received from a former guidance counselor back in my school days. He claimed there was no future in horses, insisting that cars had rendered them obsolete. The only career path, he argued, involved endless manure scooping.

Thankfully, I didn’t heed his words and later consulted a different counselor. This new advisor had a dismissive attitude, suggesting that, as a girl, I’d eventually marry and never need to work again, rendering my career choices inconsequential. Fortunately, I followed my passion and did not let their opinions dictate my path.

Tanja’s perspective on the horse industry as a fallacy echoes my experience and the sentiment shared by other professionals like Piper Klemm. Piper emphasizes the importance of understanding the economics of the horse business. It’s not just about passion; it’s about financial viability.

For those considering a career in the horse industry, especially if you aspire to run a successful equine business, strategic planning is essential. Just as in any other industry, you must identify services people are willing to pay for.

Location matters, too. Your proximity to potential clients can significantly impact your business’s success.

Moreover, while many may think training horses is a lucrative venture, qualifications and experience are prerequisites for attracting clients and earning the income you desire.
There are diverse income streams in the horse industry, ranging from agistment or livery boarding stables to horse training and teaching others about horses. A plethora of opportunities exist for those willing to explore them.

While the horse industry can provide a fulfilling lifestyle, it’s crucial to recognize that, especially in the early stages, financial success may not come quickly. However, investing in higher education, gaining experience, and continuously improving your qualifications can lead to financial stability over time.

Learning from seasoned experts within the horse industry is invaluable. Seek their guidance and learn from their journeys.

If you’re uncertain about your equine career path, we offer resources like the free ebook “101 Careers in the Horse Industry.” You can also consult the friendly team at International Horse College for guidance.

Now it’s your turn to join the conversation. Share your thoughts on dispelling the fallacy surrounding the horse industry. How will you pursue a prosperous career with horses?

Glenys 🙂