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When I assess a horse for sale, I always like to know their name

Sometimes the names are descriptive. For instance I would be worried that a horse called ‘Houdini’ would continually be escaping from where he was supposed to live. A horse called ‘Jack’ might be reluctant to go forward (jacking up) and unless a horse called ‘Buck’ was a buckskin then that would be a concern as well.

Of course there is no guarantee that a name describes behaviour, it merely draws our attention to it. If the horse is suitable for the student and for the purpose it is intended then I would recommend the purchase whatever the horse’s name.

We want our advertising to be descriptive and have the opportunity to change our ‘Study Horses .com’ site to ‘International Horse College .com. I think it is more descriptive of what we do, what do you think?

Happy Riding,