Celebrating Successful Students in Over 20 Countries ‘Online Horse College’ is now ‘International Horse College’

Own Horse BusinessI have had some fantastic feedback from the video interview with Jen Hamilton . . . you know, the one that the survey participants received…

Jen has a great philosophy which is to use a sympathetic approach to

  • encourage riders to become ‘Students of the Sport”
  • help riders understand the what, why and how of what they are doing
  • produce thinking riders and horsemen/women who understand horses and can communicate with them in a clear simple language
  • be able to problem solve by reading and evaluating the horse’s reactions in order to help do its job to the best of its ability

Do you have a philosophy for either your horse activities, you teaching activities or both?

If you have one, I would love to hear it!

Happy Riding,


Glenys 🙂