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I am sure you have heard of the story about the tortoise and the hare. You know the one where they had a race? The speedy hare had a fast start but then became a little distracted. He decided to have some play time and then had a little nap. Meanwhile the plodding tortoise never stopped, just taking one step after another.

Those who are familiar with this story will know that the tortoise won the race. My question is, are you a tortoise or a hare when it comes to your equine training or your horse business?

As a rider, are you like the hare where you become inspired with an upcoming horse riding competition or event? You may ride your horse every day or even twice a day for a short period of time in preparation. Then after the event, you relax a little, take some time off and focus on other things. You may even ride, but not train.

In a horse business the hare will get a great idea, put in a burst of effort and possibly an injection of cash. But then he probably won’t get around to completing the project because he will come distracted by something else in his life.

Or do you train like the tortoise? You may not be the most talented rider or you may only have the opportunity to ride a couple of times a week.  You ride on those days religiously, rain, snow or other distractions. You stick to your training schedule and focus on your long term plan.

In your horse business a tortoise will also have a long term plan. They are consistent with their customer service and the quality of goods/ services they provide to their customers. They build a reliable reputation and a loyal customer base which in turn provides them with a profitable horse business.

I am sure you can see the similarities here in your equine training, your horse business or both! The question is … which one are you – the tortoise or the hare?
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Enjoy your horse and live your dreams,