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Zero Tolerance Policy for Aggressive or Rude Behaviour Towards International Horse College Staff


At International Horse College, we are committed to maintaining a safe, respectful, and productive learning environment for all staff, students, and visitors. Any form of aggressive or rude behaviour towards our staff is unacceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This policy outlines the consequences of such behaviour and the actions that will be taken to address it.


1. Definition of Aggressive or Rude Behaviour:

Aggressive or rude behaviour includes, but is not limited to:
– Verbal abuse, including yelling, shouting, or using offensive language.
– Threats, intimidation, or harassment of any kind, whether verbal, physical, or written.
– Physical aggression, such as hitting, pushing, or any form of violence.
– Discriminatory remarks or behaviour based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.
– Disrespectful or disruptive conduct that undermines the authority or dignity of our staff.

2. Consequences of Aggressive or Rude Behaviour:

Any individual found engaging in aggressive or rude behaviour towards International Horse College staff will face immediate consequences, which may include:
– Verbal warning or counselling.
– Suspension from the course or training program.
– Termination of enrolment or cancellation of courses without refund.
– Legal action, if the behaviour constitutes a criminal offense.

3. Reporting Procedure:

Staff members who experience or witness aggressive or rude behaviour are required to report it to their supervisor or designated authority immediately. Reports should include specific details of the incident, including date, time, location, and names of individuals involved.

4. Investigation Process:

Upon receiving a report of aggressive or rude behaviour, International Horse College will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the facts of the incident. This may involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing any available evidence, and consulting with relevant parties.

5. Disciplinary Action:

Based on the findings of the investigation, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the individual(s) responsible for the aggressive or rude behaviour. This may include the consequences outlined in section 2 of this policy.

6. Prevention and Education:

International Horse College is committed to preventing aggressive or rude behaviour through education, training, and promoting a culture of respect and mutual understanding. Staff and students will receive information about this policy and the consequences of violating it during orientation and periodically thereafter.

7. Confidentiality:

All reports of aggressive or rude behaviour and related investigations will be handled with sensitivity and confidentiality to the extent possible, while still ensuring a thorough and fair process.

8. Review and Revision:

This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Any necessary revisions will be made in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Certainly, let’s include those specific entities and how the policy applies to them:

If aggressive or rude behaviour towards International Horse College staff is exhibited by:

1. Students:

– The student will face disciplinary action according to the consequences outlined in the policy.
– Depending on the severity of the behaviour, the student may be subject to suspension or termination of enrolment.

2. Parents or Guardians:

– Parents or guardians are expected to adhere to the same standards of behaviour as students.
– In cases where a parent or guardian exhibits aggressive or rude behaviour towards staff, the student may face consequences as outlined in the policy, and the parent or guardian may be barred from participating in college activities or events.

3. Employers:

– If aggressive or rude behaviour is exhibited by an employer of a student enrolled in a training program, the employer will be notified of the incident and may face consequences such as termination of the traineeship agreement.
– The student may also face consequences according to the severity of the behaviour, up to and including termination of enrolment.

4. AASN (Apprenticeship and Traineeship Support Network) Provider:

– Aggressive or rude behaviour from an AASN provider will result in termination of the provider agreement and the immediate cessation of support services provided by that provider.
– Any enrolled students associated with the provider may face consequences as outlined in the policy.

5. School Staff:

– If the behaviour is exhibited by staff from a school collaborating with International Horse College, the college will communicate with the respective school administration to address the behaviour.
– Depending on the situation, the collaboration may be terminated or revised, and the school staff member may be barred from interacting with International Horse College staff or facilities.

6. Contractors or third-party service providers engaged by International Horse College:

– are expected to adhere to the same standards of conduct outlined in the policy as staff, students, and other stakeholders. This includes refraining from aggressive or rude behaviour towards International Horse College staff.
– Violations may result in termination of contracts and potential legal action.
– Reporting and investigation procedures apply, and contractors receive education on policy expectations.


International Horse College is dedicated to maintaining a positive and respectful learning environment for all. Aggressive or rude behaviour towards our staff undermines this commitment and will not be tolerated. We expect all members of our community to conduct themselves with professionalism, courtesy, and respect at all times.