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Last week I ran a five-day workshop.

I love running these workshops throughout the year for new coaches, experienced already qualified coaches and everyone in between.

While we work within a curriculum, with plans for each day working around the individual goals of attendees, the conversations ‘on the side’ are the ones that excite me the most.

Brainstorming lesson ideas, practicing the delivery of content between coaches with them brining in ideas they have picked up from their own experience makes every workshop day different.

When I look at the ideals of a mastermind group such as sharing goals and ideas with a willingness to support each other and to give and receive feedback, I know that each time we have a five-day coaching workshop that we are really running a coaching mastermind.

Congratulations to the coaches who have now joined the ranks of qualified instructors and to those who have left the workshop with plans in place to work towards achieving their goals, remember that we are here to support you.