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Equine-Facilitated Learning – Careers in the Horse Industry


Also known as Assisted Learning or Equine Assisted Team Building, or Equine Facilitated Therapy if you are a qualified Therapist, Counsellor, etc.

Many people already work with people to improve speech, communication, leadership, and team building and would like to bring horses into the mix. 

Sometimes, people find horses easier to communicate with and when mounted, they may try harder and reach higher goals.

Before starting this career, make sure you understand horse instinctive behaviour and how to teach your clients about horse handling and safety around horses. 

Once you are qualified and established, this is an exciting part of your existing business! Teaching people about confidence, self-belief, and security, sending and receiving effective communication, trust, and reliability. 

Horses could be the missing link and the key to your success in your chosen field! Keep an open mind and always look for opportunities!

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