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Own Horse Business – Careers in the Horse Industry



Having your own horse business is selling to, or providing a service for owners and horses. An Agistment / Boarding / Livery Stable cares for horses on behalf of their owners, while studs breed horses and care for breeding horses. Riding Schools / Equestrian Centers teach people to ride horses safely and correctly, and Tack Shops, Feed Stores, sell saddles, etc., and feed, to owners for their horses.  


There are many specialists who take care of horse health, while others specialise in taking care of horses’ feet. 


Whatever horse business you have, for the best possible outcome before you start, you should have a thorough knowledge with experience and qualifications in that area, or employ someone who does! 


You will also need knowledge of management, finances, marketing, and promotion, as well as registrations and other legal matters particular to your niche in the horse industry. 


So things like you’d need knowledge of management, you know, longer-term planning, management of goals, management of people who could be staff, clients, and suppliers, for the finances.  


It’s not just about paying bills, but it’s about budgeting, forecasting, and managing cash flow so they can remain financially viable in quiet times.  


For the marketing promotion, you need to develop a strategy so people know how you can help them and their horses, and then registration and other legal matters. 


Stay on top of the latest industry developments and comply with your local counsel and other legal matters. 


Plan your business well. You could look back to it being the best decision you ever made!  


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