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Careers in the Horse Industry – Stable Hand

Also called Groom, Strapper, or Horse Husbandry Assistant.

This is an excellent start to your horse career, leading to many equine industry specialist fields. It is a valuable way to increase your practical skills in the areas of:
– Horse Care
– Horse Handling
– Horse Management
– Safety around Horses

One of the best things about this job is doing the hands-on work with horses and we all know the many benefits of spending time around horses. Another benefit is that it is fairly easy to get a job in this entry-level position.

As you gain more experience and show that you have a great work ethic, are resilient, and want to learn more, you will find many opportunities opening up to you. You could also be promoted, reflecting what a great job you are doing.

You could end up in a specialist field, with more responsibility and more opportunities, and move higher up the ladder in your career in the horse industry into one of the many positions within the International Equine Industry.

Keep learning, keep progressing through your career, and live the life that others only dream about!

For more information on this course go to: https://www.internationalhorsecollege.com/horse-husbandry-assistant/

When you have completed the ‘Horse Husbandry Assistant’ course, you can enroll in our ‘Equine Industry Professional’ or ‘Horse Husbandry Professional’ courses.

The ‘Horse Husbandry Assistant’ qualification is recognised as a professional horse industry qualification. Some of this course can also be credited to both ‘Equine Industry Professional’ and ‘Horse Husbandry Professional’ courses.
Equine Industry Professional: https://www.internationalhorsecollege.com/equine-industry-professional/
Horse Husbandry Professional: https://www.internationalhorsecollege.com/horse-husbandry-professional/

These distance learning equine courses are registered in Australia, but because they are taught by distance education, students can access them around the world and still receive their educational qualifications.

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