Celebrating Successful Students in Over 20 Countries ‘Online Horse College’ is now ‘International Horse College’

200015350-001I have some potentially bad news for you below. But first… Thanks again for those who have sent me the positive feedback on the tips for teaching trot and canter to complete beginners. Now for those horse riding instructors who would like to have some tips on teaching confidence. How often do you talk to someone who has lost their confidence on a horse? Sure you have. We ALL have! Why? There are many reasons why people lose their confidence! They may have only been on a horse once, or they could have ridden when they were younger or have a bad memory with a horse. Click Here For The Free Video On Teaching Horse Riding Confidence Watch this short video I’ve prepared for you because I reveal some tips for teaching your riders to be confident in any situations! Now, for the bad news… It looks like the places for the new revised ‘Horse Riding Instructor – Certificate 3’’ course are filling fast! So this means… …if you haven’t enrolled then you may miss out on the $200 bonus for the first group of students! As soon as we close this first group of students, the price will go up. Also we will add the $100. Enrolment Fee to the course price. The deadline for the program is Friday 20th November at MIDNIGHT. After that, you can still enroll but the price will be higher. Click Here To Enrol In The “Horse Riding Instructor – Certificate 3” Course For $200 Off Happy Riding, Glenys 🙂