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Careers in the Horse Industry – Trail Ride Leader

You could start off as a Trail Ride Assistant and progress through to be a Trail Ride Boss!

There may be more to the job than trail riding, although that is the main part of the job. You could be doing some feeding and general care of the trail horses… as well as care before and after the ride, and preparation of the horses for the ride. You could meet the customers as they arrive, helping them to fit their helmets and checking that they have suitable clothes to ride in.

When you first start working in a Trail Ride Centre, you will probably assist the leader. Once you know the trails and the safety requirements, you could start with small groups before going out on trails with larger groups.

If you love trail riding, this is an excellent way to have a career with horses!

The Trail Ride Leader qualification is a recognised professional qualification that gives you the ability to take people out on trail rides professionally. You get the best of both worlds, trail riding and being paid while you do it.

For more information on this course go to: https://www.internationalhorsecollege.com/trail-ride-leader/

When you have completed the ‘Trail Ride Leader’ course, you can enrol in our Equestrian Horse Riding Instructor or Own Horse Business courses.
Equestrian Horse Riding Instructor: https://www.internationalhorsecollege.com/equestrian-horseriding-instructor/
Own Horse Business: https://www.internationalhorsecollege.com/own-horse-business/

The Equestrian Horse Riding Instructor qualification is recognised as a professional equestrian horse riding instructor qualification and is suitable for gaining insurance for teaching horse riding.

Some of these courses can also be credited towards both ‘Equestrian Horse Riding Instructor’ and ‘Own Horse Business’ courses.

If you are interested in a career in the International horse industry then contact our friendly staff for a free Equine Industry Career Consultation.

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