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Two Stars and a Wish


Recently I shared the ‘Two Stars and a Wish’ feedback strategy at an Equestrian Coach Workshop.

For anyone (especially coaches) who has listened to one of Brendan Bergin’s podcasts on Horse Chats, they will know immediately about the ‘Two Stars and a Wish’ feedback strategy to ask their students at the end of the lesson.

Maybe I have changed it a little (and apologies to Brendan if I haven’t shared exactly) but it goes like this . . .

The little star is a positive improvement you have made in your lesson (preferably on more than one occasion and possibly consistently throughout the lesson).

The wish is something you will work on for the next lesson (once I achieve this then this will happen).

The last big star is the best thing that happened during the lesson.

Sometimes we encourage our students to be more confident or more optimistic and improve their memory about their lessons and this is a great exercise.

But don’t stop at children, trainee instructors and adults love to use the two stars and wish to analyse their lessons as well.

If you were to analyse your last lesson (or last ride), what would your two stars and a wish be?