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As a business consultant to the equine industry, people ask me

“What if I train my staff to gain a qualification and they leave?”

My answer is

“What happens if you don’t train them and they stay?”

When you make choices, continually think of the long-term outcome.

When You ChooseYou owe it to your clients to deliver to them the best possible outcome for them and their horse and part of that is to continually train and monitor your staff to serve your customers needs at a higher level.

Not only will you gain a great reputation from your customers for delivering the best possible outcome, but you will also gain a reputation within the industry for meeting the needs of your staff.

This second reputation will mean that you can attract potential employees who are looking for a career within the horse industry, not just a ‘fill in’ job creating another long-term outcome of always having reliable, knowledgeable staff.

No-one knows everything about horses.  Don’t just train them to have one qualification, have all your staff (including yourself) on a continual training and learning system. Have a look around and train them in every aspect of the business; customer service, book-keeping, saddlery/ rug repair, care of machinery and computers. It will pay off in the long term.

Remember . . . when you have a choice to make with your horse, your students, your staff and your self, make it the best possible long-term outcome.


Glenys 🙂