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Horse Riding InstructorWe all know that the rider or handler should be in control of the horse, but are you in control of your thought process?

When things go wrong, do you ask yourself what you could have done differently?
– “I should have been better co-ordinated when I gave the aids for that transition”
– “I should have given a clearer explanation to my student for that arena movement”

or do you allow yourself to blame the mistake on others?
– “The person who used to own my horse taught them to run through transitions”
– “The student should have been listening to what I wanted”

It has been scientifically proven that if you have a ‘high internal locus of control’ (looking to yourself when things go wrong), you will be more likely to be successful as a rider and a horse riding instructor.

So . . . ask yourself . . . are you in control of your though process?

Remember to follow your passion,
Glenys 🙂