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Pony Club Life Lesson 5: Keep Learning Wherever You Can


Recently I met with some old friends and our conversation led us to Pony Club
Like many professional horse people started competing in Pony Club, so did I!
And just as many professionals fondly remember the time they spent with their friends and horses, I too have many happy memories.

But more than that, I now look back on life lessons to be learned at an institution like Pony Club.

The next lesson is,

5. Keep Learning Wherever You Can

I didn’t start riding when I was young, but I loved to read and learn about horses from as early as I can remember.

When we had the opportunity to be assessed for proficiency certificates, I jumped at the chance. Some of the better riders had a bit of a winge, saying that they came to ride but not to do schoolwork.

But this was not schoolwork to me, this was learning more about horses which is what I did when I wasn’t riding anyway.

Our Chief Instructor recommended a couple of books to help us prepare for Pony Club and I ordered all of them, even the ones that were for the higher certificates. I read them and read them, again and again.

Then I went through the syllabus of the certificates but there was something that I couldn’t find. I had to know about ‘Founder’.
We didn’t have the internet or Google, so I did it the old-fashioned way and went to the local library.

I searched and searched but didn’t find anything in the half dozen or so books about horse health in our local library, and then a neighbouring library.

When I couldn’t find anything about the Founder, I caught the bus and went into the Brisbane City library for the day but still didn’t have any luck.

There was nothing about the Founder in any of the horse books. There was information about ‘Laminitis’ and I had taken notes about that, but nothing about ‘Founder’.

So, even though my ‘shyness’ prevented me from networking, this was more important and I knew I needed to find the confidence to ask a few people.

I was introduced to a ‘bushy’ (Australian bushman) who had worked with horses all over Australia and when he saw my notes he laughed.
The Founder is just an Australian for Laminitis.

Even though research done since then may say there is a difference, I was relieved to find this out and went to Pony Club ready for the certificate day.

Up next – Pony Club Life Lesson 6 -Sometimes riders need to be assertive……

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Enjoy watching!

Glenys 🙂


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