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Pony Club Life Lesson 1: Look After Others First


Recently I met with some old friends and our conversation led us to Pony Club.
Just as many, many professional horse people started competing in Pony Club so did I!
And just as many professionals fondly remember the time they spent with their friends and their horses, I too have many happy memories.

But more than that, I now look back on life lessons to be learned at an institution like Pony Club.

1. Look after others first

I rode over ten kilometres to Pony Club, where we then had an all-day muster.

You can imagine in the summer and in the Queensland sun, by lunchtime we were all looking forward to a cold drink.

The canteen was open, but before anyone was allowed into the canteen the chief instructor had to give the go-ahead.

He checked that all the horses had to have had a drink and be comfortable before we were allowed to look after ourselves.

The lesson here is to make sure you look after others first, particularly if they can’t look after themselves.

Just as we would feed our horses before we feed ourselves, we will often find ourselves in situations around those less fortunate. We can take a minute or two of our time to assist them to do something they cannot do for themselves.

Look around you, open the door for someone who has their hands full, reach up, and get something from a high shelf that someone cannot reach or even give way to another driver in traffic.

Up next – Pony Club Life Lesson 2: Be persistent and you could be a winner!……

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Enjoy watching!

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